Product Name : Floor-Type Dough Sheeter (CE)- Handle Down
Product No : D450B
Product Description

D450B / D520B / D520C / D650B / D650C

  • Conveyor is reversible and is controlled by manul handle.
  • Safety net is equipped with latches. The user could be protected.
  • Highly resilient conveyor belt, the belt material will not absorb the oil and water.
  • The thickness of the dough could be controlled by handle.
  • Unique designd, the roller is attached by less dough.
  • Flexible conveyor, convienient and space-efficeint.
  • The final thickness of the dough can be preset.
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  • Application to egg tart, pies, pizza, snack, puff patry, Arabian bread, green onion pancake.
ModelConveyor spec.
Press Roller
Hose powerDimension
L*W*H (mm)
Net Weigh
D450B 430x2000 ∮88 x 435 1/2HP 2530x845x1125   155
D520B 515x2000 ∮88 x 520 1/2HP 2530x930x1125   165
D520C 515x2400 ∮88 x 520 1HP 2900x870x1125   175
D650B 630x2400 ∮88x 635 1HP 2900x1045x1125  200
D650C 630x2900 ∮88 x 635 1HP 3410x1045x1125  205

Standard :

  • Manual Switch
  • Dough rolling pin
  • Meet CE regulations

Optional :

  • The areas of coating is stainless steel (S/S)
  • Foot pad-switch (F)
  • Auto Powder Sprayer