Product Name : Table-Type Dough Rounder
Product No : R100
Product Description


  • Just throw dough in, no need to set rounding weight, and no need to add powder in. Round dough will be shaped.
  • For the better result of the performance of rounding, dough consists water 60%~70%.
  • The speed can be freely set by the VFD.
  • Vibration-proof design enable the rounder itself to perform in steady desktop.
  • FDA-allowed Teflon-sandblasting technique make rounding motion smooth, and non-stick.
  • The production is 1~1000 unit per hour.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquires or call 886-4-7789699 at GMT+8 10:00~17:00
  • Application to French bread, Pizza, steamed bread, toast, bagel.
ModelMould Dia.
Range of Dough weigh
HPMachine Dim
DxWxH (cm)
Machine Weigh
R100 62 30~350 1/2HP 73x67x52 52