Product Name : Short Dough Moulder
Product No : 320N
Product Description


  • Two sets of rollers, the moulder can prolong the dough again.. 
  • The conveyor is reversible.
  • The scrapper is fixed design.
  • When molding dough up to 150g, the scrapper can be adjusted not to block the belt. The user can freely mold the dough.
  • No need for powdering dough while molding process except ones with high viscosity.
  • Dough going through the pressure plate makes itself dense and prolonged.
  • One side to discharge.
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  • Applicable to any mission to de-air and mold dough.
  • The gap between the rollers can be adjusted according to the size and hardness of dough.  After being molded, the dough structure will be much denser.
HPPressing RollerMachine Size
W*D*H (cm)
Net Weight
Size (mm)Unit
320N 350x1435 1/2HP φ76x290 4 58x90x120 120

Standard :

  • Safety Cover

Optional :

  • Stainless steel body (S/S)