Product Name : Proofer for Final Fermentation-Rack Type
Product No : LBS-1R
Product Description


  • The chamber can move whole pan rack in and out to save time.
  • The body of the machine is made of stainless steel, energy-saving with LED control panel
  • The quality of the part is well-controlled. The well-fermented dough will be competitive.
  • Controllable separate surface of temperature and humidity, the temperature can be set with 0.5 degree Celsius accuracy.
  • High-ranked foaming agent can preserve the temperature much better than before.
  • Tempered glasses with built-in light enable the user to see trough the situation of the dough.
  • Can be added on refilling water system.
  • Attention: frozen dough must be de-frozen before be put into the proofer.
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  • It is used in the dough final fermentation process.
  • The temperature can be controlled from room temperature to 60 degree Celsius. It shortens fermentation time.
  • It provides an environment in which there are well-controlled temperature and humidity. In the process of fermentation, dough surface will remain resilient and will not become dried and thick.
ModelSpecRackCapacityElectricityDim. D * W * H(cm)
LBS-1R Rack-type (1 door) 1 Rack 18 pans 2.2KW 100*100*200 
LBS-2R Rack-type (2 door) 2 Rack 36 pans 2.9 KW 100*160*200

Standard :

  • One door and 18 pans
  • The standard pan distance 85mm

Optional :

  • A Pan Rack (Stainless Steel)
    Pans 40*60 cm
  • B Pan Rack (Stainless Steel)
    Pans 40*72 cm
  • C Pan Rack (Stainless Steel)
    Pans 40*60 cm and 46*72 cm
  • Customized Rack and Pan Distance