Product Name : Electric Type of Heat Transfer Oil Cooking Mixer - Bowl Fixed Type
Product No : LB-2.0-2-E
Product Description

LB-2.0-2-E / LB-2.4-2-E / LB-2.8-2-E

  • Double-layered bowl, filled with heat transfer oil, will diffuse heat evenly.
  • The temperature of oil can be preset. The heater will automatically start and stop to meet the preset temperature.
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  • It is designed for creating the hand-made savor.
  • It suitable for food which needs temperature control.
  • Multiple functions for simple processed food and application for bean paste, sauce, jelly, candy, and pre-processed food, and etc..
  • Belt –driven mixing system with slight noise.
  • With an enclosed motor design free from the falling bit of belt to contaminate food.
  • Operation-friendly with one speed.
  • Mixing arm is removable and easy to clean.
  • The heat is conducted steadily by the electric heating coils and heat transfer oil.
  • Free from food being scorched, and due to well-distributed heat, each part of the food will be cooked evenly.
ModelBowl CapacityHPR.P.M.
Mixing Head / Arm
BodyHeating MethodBowl Dim.
LB-2.0-2-E 60L 1HP 60 Hz 12.7 / 26
50 Hz 10.7 / 22
SUS 304 Steel Coated
with Painting
Electric Heater 600*290
LB-2.4-2-E 80L 1HP 720*325
LB-2.8-2-E 150L 1.5HP 850*430

* Packing size and weight might be subject to change based on different transportation.

* Due to product improvement or add on equipment, specification and weight might be changed without prior notice.

Standard Equipment :

  • Wooden board
  • Two-layered heat transfer oil bowl
  • SUS 304 base
  • Controlling box

Add on Equipment :

  • SUS 304 machine top
  • Inverter(variable mixing speed)
  • Teflon board(heat-resistant up to 250 °C)
  • Lid
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Arm