Product Name : 50 Liter Planetary Mixer
Product No : LB-503
Product Description


  • New model heavy-duty timing belt transmission with planetary action.
  • User-friendly three-fixed-speed.
  • Speed shifted by clutch transmission system.
  • Non-stop shifting speed for light load products.
  • Thickened alloy steel gears heat-treated.
  • Slight noise and low shaking moment.
  • Multi-function : kneading, mixing, and foaming.
  • Refined body designed to easily clean and to maintain.
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  • Subject motor of sufficient power and speed make fine gluten dough with limited heat and efficient output which satisfies the needs of baking bread.
  • Three different accessories offer comprehensive satisfied mixing result on the products of dough, cake, salad, cream and various paste.
  • Surface layer coated with polish lacquer is easy to clean and to stay new. 
  • Our mixer is planetary gears which are driven by long-lasting, low abrasion timing belt by linkage to the motor drive shaft. This design provides high-torque mixing power without the damage to the parts from direct transmission. So the maintenance is simple and easy at low cost.
  • For the light load of products, such as cake, cream, and salad, it can shift speed without turning off power first.
  • With the 360 degree rotation of shifting gear level and clutch transmission, gears are free from getting stuck while changing speed. It is new-starter-friendly.
  • Any ingredient with high gluten, the bowl scraper can gather up it to central bowl. It is time-saving with well- mixed results of final products. It is designed to easily disassemble and clean.
Agitator Speed
Safety GuardMachine Dim.
Packing Dim.
LB-503A 2HP / 1.5kw 50L / 12Kg 60 cycle motor NO 67×56×112 76×69×130 176
121 270 476
LB-503B 50 cycle motor YES 181
102 228 401

* Packing size and weight might be subject to change based on different transportations.

* Due to product improvement and add-on equipment, specification and weight might be changed without notice.

Standard Accessory :

  • 50 Liter SUS 304 bowl
  • S type hook ( Alternative: C-type)
  • Flat beater
  • Wire whip
  • Silver color(if you want to change it into white, please kindly tell us)

Add on Equipment (cost additional) :

  • 15 min. timer
  • SUS 304 safety guard
  • Overload device (standard item for mixer equipped with safety guard)
  • Bowl scraper
  • Inverter
  • Auto bowl lifting