Product Name : Platform Type Revolving Hot Air Oven
Product No : LBC-320-16
Product Description

LBC-320-16 / LBC-320-32

  • The exterior is made of stainless steel.
  • Double-layer explosion-proof glass enables the users to know the interior changing and manipulate the time to finish the bakery.
  • The current-circulation is a unique design to reduce the loss in heat and balance the heat in food, which appear good to sell.
  • The floor panel can be elevated to suit the need of the cart.
  • With build-in diesel-engine made in Japan, this oven is diesel-saving and is a unique design in Taiwan.
  • Heat exchanger is separately-design, easy to repair. Heat exchanger is made of special material, heat-absorbing and heat-resist, and free from deforming and fraction. Heat current will be recycled to produce heat much higher.
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  • Evenly Baking, good performance, high thermal efficiency.
  • It is applicable to pastry, bread, small cake, pineapple cake, meat.
ModelFuelPowerPower of Electric ModelMachine SizeHigh with MotorTray SizeRack Option
LBC-320-16 Electricity / Gas / Diesel 2.25KW,220/380V,3P 35KW,220/380V,3P W1980 x D1440 x H 2260 m/m 2560m/m Max. 460*720mm A Rack with
LBC-320-32 Electricity / Gas / Diesel 3KW,220/380V,3P 54KW,220/380V,3P W 2260 x D1750 x H 2260 m/m 2560m/m Max. 460*720mm A Rack with 32

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* Due to product improvement or add on equipment, specification and weight might be changed without prior notice.