Product Name : Lifting & Tilting Device
Product No : L-204B
Product Description

L-204B / L-204C

  • Hydraulically-driven elevation device, safe and reliable.
  • Option for Left-tilted or right-tilted function make it easy to let the products out.
  • The height of lifting can be made according to the sites.
  • The height of lifting device can be customized (Due to customization, the dimension of the machine is only for reference).
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  • Suitable for different production need, dough can be easily poured out or poured into dough divided, or transported to the next working area, fast and easy.
  • With time and strength-saving, the user will have spare time to make the work smooth. Meanwhile, the chance of physical contact between users and products will be reduced. The products will be in a clean status. The error of transportation by personnel will be also reduced. The overall quality will be escalated with the help of lifting and tilting device. 
ModelHPLifting Capacity
L-204B 1 125 130*127*282 680
L-204C 1.5 200 135*135*282 770

* Packing size and weight might be subject to change based on different transportations.

* Due to product improvement and add-on equipment, specification and weight might be changed without notice.

Standard :

  • 220V~415V / 3 Phase

Add-on :

  • Stainless body