Product Name : Flip-up Gas Oven (2 Trays / Deck)
Product No : LBG-U224
Product Description

LBG-U224 / LBG-U336

  • The probing system is sophisticatedly design to adjust the temperature.
  • Ignition will consume the gas. Multi-protection will be switched on when the ignition fails.
  • Unique heat-resisting glasses and interior fire-resisting lights make it easier for the user to observe the situations inside the oven without opening the entry and with less energy emission.
  • Independently designed timer and buzzer make the user easily have a time control to finish the product.
  • Best to toast because even temperature and quicker heating up.
  • It is suitable for supermarket, school, studio, and bakeries.
  • Heating methods be replaced with nature gas or LPG.
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  • This oven is specially designed without rivets. It is easy to stay clean and to be washed.
  • Every layer is of proper thickness and of good quality to preserve temperature, the features of which are energy-saving, quick-heating, and heated balancedly.
ModelDeck * TrayTotal TrayTray Size
W*D (cm)
Power/ DeckGas/ hourChamber Size
W*D*H (cm)
Machine Size
W*D*H (cm)
LBG-U224 2 x 2 4 Max. 72x46 110V 220V 140W 0.25kg 97*79*21 140*104*170
LBG-U336 3 x 2 6 Max. 72x46 110V 220V 140W 0.25kg 97*79*21 140*104x186

* Packing size and weight might be subject to change based on different transportation.

* Due to product improvement or add on equipment, specification and weight might be changed without prior notice.

Standard :

  • Stainless appearance
  • Aluminizing
  • LED Control Panel
  • Quadra-pod (2deck)

Optional :

  • (-S) Steam / layer
  • (-F) Flat Slate  /layer
  • (-H) Exhaust hood
  • (-C) The bottom cabin
  • (-P) The bottom proofer (1 layer/2 layer oven)
  • (-R) Pan Rack (1 layer/2 layer oven)
  • Canvas supporter / Shovel