Product Name : Dough Divider Floor-Type
Product No : B-18
Product Description

B-18 / B-36

  • Dividing utensil can quickly make dough flat without having it lose the resilience or flexibility. 
  • Button-controlled, the blade mold is attached at the top of the machine.
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  • It can divide a variety of dough such as pizza, steamed bread, toast, bread, and cookie.
  • The Teflon-coated blade is non-stick, easy to clean, of precise division.
(PC / min.)
Dividing Range
D*W*H (cm)
Net Weight
B-18 18 144 80g-230g 1/4HP 41x51x131 cm 120KGS
B-36 36 288 35g-100g 1/4HP 41x51x131 cm 120KGS

Standard :

  • 2 ABS dividing plate